A website and a visual identity

Wonderstruck were interested to hear our concerns about their existing visual assets and their suitability for the modern web.


We speculatively produced a revised logo system that could be developed further into some additional lockups when necessary.

A responsive and versatile logo system

The logo system is comprised of a logomark, wordmark, and a strapline.


Keeping the shapes simple and flat ensures they are suitable for modern implementations and don’t rely on colour to convey primary meaning.


The logo works at even the smallest size (favicon) through to the larget scale lockup that incorporates all of the elements.

16px Favicon
Logomark with wordmark
Full vertical lockup with strapline

Illustrated icons

To ensure the sense of individuality a few spot illustrations were produced.

Exploding teddy bears and bottle rockets in a cartoon style put additional emphasis on the personality of the brand.

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made to measure
in England

made to measure
in England