Naturally beautiful wood flooring

UK Hardwoods are a family run natural wood flooring company based in North Devon. The owners Tom and Polly have a genuine passion for woodland and sustainability. This is expressed through the care they put into growing and producing the hardwood timber used for their flooring and other products such as beams, skirting and joinery.

Earthy and luxurious

The owners, Tom and Polly came to us with a desire to update their branding and develop a new website which utilised video, lifestyle and product photography. The brand needed to express their earthy yet luxurious products and their passion for sustainable processes.

Keeping it real

The logo was inspired by joinery shapes from Tom’s father’s own wooden floor, the strap line was developed to reflect the brand values of ‘keeping it real (authentic)’ and ‘keeping it local’. UK Hardwoods are able to trace the story and journey of each tree, they are proud of producing all of their wood products locally, or in the UK.

Practical tools, emotional imagery

The website mixes practical information for each wood type, and intuitive estimate calculators with lifestyle photos and emotive video content.

An immersive gallery was created, showcasing the diverse ways the wood can be used and treated; promoting how adaptable the wood is to suit different applications, lifestyles and tastes.

A set of bespoke icons were drawn to highlight the key selling points and through their hand-drawn lines they give a friendly and approachable feel.

" We've enjoyed working with Kameleon from the word go! The team have engaged with us and taken time to understand our business strategy, coming to our workshop site to understand our processes. They have then used this information to tell our story through a digital eye."
Polly Goodman Owner, UK Hardwoods

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made to measure
in England

made to measure
in England