Tregarthen’s Hotel

A strong sense of place

Tregarthen’s Hotel on the Isles of Scilly approached us to update their website, modernise their logo, update their photo library and create a video which would entice more visitors to the hotel and nearby self-catering cottages. The key objectives were to improve visitor bookings and express the environment’s calmness, natural beauty and wealth of activities and wildlife the islands have to offer.

Intuitive and seasonal

The website was restructured to make it more intuitive and an easy to use booking widget was integrated. To highlight the different activities, events and seasonal offerings we created seasonal image driven rows which dynamically displayed activities appropriate to the season, events in the upcoming months and a seasonal image. 

Emotionally driven content was introduced focussing on active words such as explore, relax, taste. These linked to a mood board page allowing a bold collection of images to be displayed. These also linked through to key pages within the site relating to the emotion such as ‘taste’ to the dining page and ‘relax’ to the accommodation page. This method extended the user’s journey and increased the time they spent exploring and enjoying the website.

A feast for the senses

The concept of the senses was also transferred to the hotel’s printed brochure which has an integrated folder to hold inserts.

Identity refresh

The logo was redesigned to feel modern, minimal and uncluttered. Through the use of a sans serif typeface it feels confident and elegant. A bright colour palette was introduced in the website, inspired by the turquoise colour of the sea, the lush greenery from the gardens of Tresco, the rusty orange lobsters and golden sandy beaches.

“We were really impressed with the care and thought Kameleon put into the website and video project. Our visitor numbers increased and it rekindled the staff's enthusiasm.”
Rob Baldry, Marketing Director

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made to measure
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made to measure
in England