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Rowden Atelier are a long established fine furniture workshop and educational institution. Training cabinet makers from around the world on year long intensive courses, that take novice’s to professional’s furniture making standards.

Rowden has undergone some major changes over the last couple of years, not least of which being the death of the workshop’s founder, furniture designer, David Binnington Savage.

The subsequent changes to the workshop have been made to honour and strengthen David’s legacy and Rowden needed a visual identity system to help evoke the core ethos and heritage of the Fine Furniture Atelier.

One major factor was the lack of coherence across their content and presentation. There was no guidance documentation which meant that each project they undertook meant the designer, photographer or agencies, were repeating crucial work as each new project was commissioned.

We proposed a modest but not insubstantial development of a new visual identity system to help define core typography, colours and some principles for visual media.

As well as this a new logo system was prepared to encompass a variety of lockups that can be used across a wide variety of applications.

Visual Direction

Several iterations were made over possible interpretations of the workshop’s identity definitions. Each of the iterations was developed from feedback; a collaborative process of refinement.

Stylescape 001

Stylescape 002

Stylescape 003

Secondary Marks

The heritage of the school led to investigations of secondary ‘maker’ marks that would bolster the visual language in promotional materials, and provide some inspiration for potential additional revenue through sustainable merchandising, such as premium sketchbooks and ethically sourced tote bags and garments.

Eventually these enquiries were reduced to two (and a half) marks; an oak tree for the woodworking school, and a small DBS pill for David Savage/Fine Furniture Maker. 

The Oak Tree

A prominent feature of the landscape at Rowden Farm; an oak tree is a symbol of material, waiting, growing and of heritage.

Two alternatives were produced, one in leaf and one bare – a reference to resilience and sustainability.

The intention is for these marks to be used in accordance with the seasons being referred to.

The DBS Stamp

Honoring David Binnington Savage as the founder of Rowden Atelier, through a mark that references bench clamp isnignia, robustness and dignity.

Documented Guidelines

To protect against misuse of the logo, unauthorised colours and typography, a guidelines document was produced for the Atelier to hand out to service providers and in house admin team members.


Along with the rebrand a refresh of the website was undertaken. This included a change in primary domain and separating out a website for David Savage/Fine Furniture Maker from the Rowden Atelier website.

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made to measure
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made to measure
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