Fresh start

A family owned and run gym, Function Fitness’ second generation took the helm and wanted to overhaul the offering of the gym.

To help, Kameleon reviewed and overhauled the visual identity of the gym to position them as gym with modern values, community at its heart, and an ambition to promote gyms as a place for all generations and all body sizes.

A functional logomark

A functional, iconic logomark was developed. Our aim was to avoid¬† ‘gym design’ cliches and look at classic, long lasting logomarks for inspiration.

The logomark shape itself references  activities such as climbing, rowing, surfing, cycling, cross training. It has a suggestion of structured growth and is, crucially, distinct from the competition.

The clear form registers well on a wide variety of scales due to the strength of the line/silhouette.

Over time and with proper use this logomark should become a shorthand for the emotional experience customers have associated with Function Fitness; this can be achieved through continued, dedicated, and honest advocacy of the values of the organisation.

Some proposed logo solutions

Favicon (16px)

Primary Lockup

Lockup with strapline

Functional Graphics

As well as a comprehensive logo system, Kameleon produced a set of supplementary graphics which would help to promote various aspects of the function fitness ethos.

A new website

A primary factor in the brand overhaul was the replacement of an old website with an updated user interface, complete with understated and unusual UI interactions, and a more considered information architecture.

We developed a dynamic typographic treatment that used scale and the new brand colours to make headings really jump out to catch attention.

Play Video

We set out a presentation style to encourage scrolling by using portrait orientation images

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made to measure
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