A positive ripple effect

Emerging Futures specialise in positive behavioural change, helping people through difficult times in their lives when they maybe homeless and/or struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Made up of a team of passionate and experienced individuals they develop innovative ways to support people get back on their feet. This process has a positive ripple effect on families and the wider community.

Vibrant and energetic

We created a rainbow gradient which reflects the positive changing journey that service users experience. It gives a strong sense of movement, projecting energy, passion and vibrancy. The emerging brand name from inline to filled text also mirrors these themes. The gradient is applied as a filter to all photography and video, giving it a universal consistency and warmth that is now synonymous with EF.

Making recovery visible

EF came to us for a rebrand and new website. To fully understand the organisational aims, objectives and impact we travelled to different services, interviewing staff and service users to get to know their thoughts, listen to their powerful stories and immerse ourselves in the Emerging Futures world. 

Through this process we were not only confidently able to develop the brand identity but also project a theme of openness and humanity, removing the stigma associated with recovery and drug and alcohol addiction. This translated through to the website, which became an open space for people to tell their own stories and describe the impact that EF has had on their lives.

Passion statement

Rather than a mission statement they have a passion statement which describes the organisation’s values: brave, responsible, creative and determined. Their focus is on the individual’s strengths rather than their weaknesses, building on these strengths to make positive changes to their lives, with the hope that they become part of the local community.

Print, social media and ongoing support

The brand’s simplicity and bold core elements allows for ease of application and adaptation to the different EF sub-brand categories (coaching, housing and programmes), and also the different project locations. Alongside the identity we also developed brand guidelines and support EF regularly with filmmaking, printed collateral, social media content creation and copywriting.
“There is no doubt that the work has had a profound impact on how we are perceived by our clients, commissioners and stakeholders. The powerful films have enabled us to simply and effectively communicate the passion and enthusiasm we have for the work we do.”
Hayden Duncan, Director of Operations

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made to measure
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made to measure
in England