Quality is an over used word, but it does still have value

We’ve taken a plunge into the unknown and started on the route to ISO:9001 quality standard accreditation. Another self-indulgent move to allow us to pitch for bigger contracts? Hopefully not, it’s all in the name of continuous improvement so that we can serve our existing clients better, something that should benefit you as a Kameleon client? But how?

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) standard designed to help businesses improve the delivery of their products, services and operations.

At the time of writing, Kameleon are working towards ISO 9001 certification. Our goal? To improve our communication and level of service we provide clients.

So far, we’ve performed a gap analysis and started making improvements to our processes.

For example, we’ve already improved our onboarding process, which should provide clarity and consistency in how the project is delivered.

Why should you care?

Following the ISO 9001 standard will help us improve the quality of our services… and do a better job of helping you achieve your goals.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. We will be audited on a regular basis, only keeping the accreditation if we pass each time.

What will Kameleon’s ISO accreditation do for you?

ISO 9001 promotes seven fundamental principles. Here are some examples of how each one will benefit you…

Customer focus

We will be working hard to better understand your challenges, goals and expectations. As a result, we may introduce new products, services, and resources that help you move forward.


This principle encourages us to establish a sole mission, vision, and strategy. And for everyone in the organisation to act with a single purpose. The better we do this, the more effectively we can help you achieve your goals.

Engagement of people

We will encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration between different areas of the business… continue to train employees to a high standard… and help them reach their personal objectives.

How will this benefit you? By helping our employees excel at their jobs, you should receive a higher standard of service.

Process approach

We will be implementing formal processes into our business operations… so that you experience more consistency in your relationship with us.


To meet ISO 9001 standards, we will track, review and improve processes. This should make us more productive, and as our client, help you reach your goals quicker.

Evidence-based decision making

We’ll do better at using evidence and data analysis to inform our decision making. This will lead to greater objectivity in the advice and results we provide you.

Relationship management

We’ll look for new ways to collaborate with you, and our other clients and partners, to help you reach your goals.

What’s next?

QMS International, the UK’s largest ISO consulting firm, asked their clients how they benefited from ISO 9001 certification. Here’s what they found:

  • 76% improved their quality management systems
  • 58% reported a more efficient quality management framework
  • 44% gained new customers
  • And most important: 53% said their customers reported higher levels of satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to do a better and better job of helping you. So if you are reading this as a Kameleon client, where should we start? Contact us to tell us what you’d like to see from us in the coming years.

And if you’re not a Kameleon client? Complete the form on our home page. Tell us about your organisation and we’ll contact you to arrange a phone consultation.

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