Is your email design hurting results?

Did you know that over-the-top graphics can get your emails marked as junk?

Have you ever received an email asking you to ‘download images’?

Often, this is an email signature logo or an image in the header or footer of the email.

Now, imagine being a brand focused business that loves everything creative. Imagine having an emailer that is not structured of text and images, but a large single image with messages cleverly built into the design. No doubt, the creative will look amazing and make for a beautiful piece of marketing. But it poses a major problem.

Most email marketing suites can only render emails like this as an image.

What does that mean?

Your recipients will receive an email with a message to download images, and nothing else. Email has become so sophisticated (especially for businesses) that mail servers like Outlook and Gmail do not download unnecessary images.

Anyway, if you received an email that contained only a message to download images, would you download them?

I’m guessing not, because there’s a good chance it could be spam. Or maybe it would just be a pain to open if you’re out and about on your mobile, in the office, or don’t have time.

Then, your clever mailbox learns that when you receive emails from that recipient, that you never open or engage with it. So, in response to that, it starts moving the email into the junk folder.

Yes, it moves every single email from that sender to the junk folder.

So, the moral of the story is this: simple typography, layout and messaging work best for email marketing.

An email with over-the-top graphics (especially when the text is built inside an image) is likely to end up in the junk folder.

Use your logo and make the colours and fonts consistent with your brand guidelines, but don’t go crazy.

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Kameleon Group Covid-19 update

Hello Everyone,


Hopefully you’re safe and well at home. 


We are here, and ‘normal’ service is ongoing. The Kameleon offices are now closed until further notice but we’ve shipped out and set up in our homes to deliver the services and support you require. 


Whilst doing everything we can to continue business as usual; this may not be possible for everyone within the usual working hours. With some of our team looking after young family and people still taking annual leave, there may, at times, be a longer wait for an email reply or a call back so thank you in advance for your patience. As it stands, there has been little more than a few days of disruption for the team, so ongoing projects are still running as expected. We will contact anyone individually if this changes.


If you require support during this time the best way to find us, as always, is to use [email protected] this mailbox is monitored by several members of staff and will often be picked up quicker than if you contact an individual. 


The Kameleon Team