Our launch sales more than doubled from the previous year

“The new website and booking system contributed to our most successful sales launch ever. We made £22,000 in sales on the opening day of the festival – more than double the previous year.”

The team always have time and respond to issues quickly

“I first started working with Kameleon in 2011. They developed a website that still stands up well, and helped me move from newspaper to digital advertising. Business is going well. The team are friendly, understanding, always have time for me, and respond to issues very quickly. We also have a good chuckle here and there!”

Kameleon helped us become self-sufficient at social media marketing

“Other agencies do the work and charge a retainer, but Kameleon helped us become self-sufficient at social media marketing before the relationship grew to other areas of marketing. They took an active interest in the way our business worked and helped us create bespoke strategies. Kameleon were very approachable, friendly and readily available to answer questions.”

Produced an end result we were absolutely delighted with

“The team at Kameleon were really patient with us. They listened to what we wanted and perfectly integrated our ideas the way we’d imagined them. They provided an amazing amount of ideas and advice… and ultimately produced an end result we were absolutely delighted with. I would absolutely recommend the team at Kameleon to anyone looking for a new website, logo or overall rebrand.”

Professional, efficient and completed the project on time

“Kameleon designed and created a new website for us. Throughout the process, they were professional and efficient, completing the project in the agreed timescale. A great team to work with.”

Chris provided a kindly mentoring service

“I was a non-techy person and felt I could be tied up in knots by other people looking to spend my money. Chris understood me and my needs from the off. There was mutual respect, which was important to me in a business relationship. Chris provided a kindly mentoring service alongside my website needs and nothing was too much trouble.”

made to measure

Kameleon Group Covid-19 update

Hello Everyone,


Hopefully you’re safe and well at home. 


We are here, and ‘normal’ service is ongoing. The Kameleon offices are now closed until further notice but we’ve shipped out and set up in our homes to deliver the services and support you require. 


Whilst doing everything we can to continue business as usual; this may not be possible for everyone within the usual working hours. With some of our team looking after young family and people still taking annual leave, there may, at times, be a longer wait for an email reply or a call back so thank you in advance for your patience. As it stands, there has been little more than a few days of disruption for the team, so ongoing projects are still running as expected. We will contact anyone individually if this changes.


If you require support during this time the best way to find us, as always, is to use [email protected] this mailbox is monitored by several members of staff and will often be picked up quicker than if you contact an individual. 


The Kameleon Team